Monday, December 31, 2018

SMFS Member Honored: Gary Phillips

SMFS list member Gary Phillips’ book, Culprits: The Heist was Only The Beginning, has been selected by CrimeReads as one of their “10 Best Crime Anthologies.” Co-edited by Richard Brewer, the book is available in print and digital formats from publisher Polis Books, Amazon, and others.


Some stories are all about the crime. These stories are about the maelstrom of what happens after...

A hard-bitten crew of professional thieves pull off the score of their lives, coming away with seven million in cash. Like any heist there are some unforeseen complications, and unfortunately they don’t get away without a few bodies dropping. But despite this, they get away with the swag. Seven million. Enough to change their lives, make new identities, start fresh. But that’s when the real trouble begins... 

In this unique, riveting, linked anthology, we follow each member of the crew of culprits as they go their separate ways after the heist, and watch as this perfect score ends up a perfect nightmare. Featuring stories penned by acclaimed writers Brett Battles, Gar Anthony Haywood, Zoë Sharp, Manuel Ramos, Jessica Kaye, Joe Clifford and David Corbett, CULPRITS examines what happens next to these criminals once they take their cut and go their separate ways, only to find that the end of the heist was the beginning of their troubles.

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