Friday, November 23, 2018

SMFS Member Publishing News: Chapin Wright

SMFS list member Chapin Wright has a long short story titled Wolf At The Door. The 55 page read is available at Amazon in digital format only. Mr. Wright is new to our SMFS list and writes from New Jersey where he is a semi-retired journalist who also teaches part time.

Amazon Synopsis:
Something really bad happened to Harvey Nash. He wound up a human briquet, handcuffed to the steering wheel inside the burnt shell of a Hummer on the lot of his dealership, which was covered with eco-terrorist graffiti. Buckminster Green, former ATF investigator from New Jersey, now small-town detective in Northern California, catches the case. But first he has to find out if his estranged, activist daughter was involved and track down a missing kid before he becomes the next victim

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