Tuesday, October 30, 2018

SMFS Members Published in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine: November/December 2018

Several SMFS members are published in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine: November/December 2018 issue. The issue is available from Dell Magazines as well as at Amazon and newsstands and bookstores. The SMFS members published in this issue are:

Craig Faustus Buck with “Race to Judgement.”

David Dean with “Human Resources.”

Barb Goffman with “Bug App├ętit.”

Josh Pachter with “50.”

Stacy Woodson with “Duty, Honor, Hammett.”

Dave Zeltserman with “Archie for Hire.”

A couple of important notes…..

Fifty years ago in the December 1968 issue of EQMM, Josh Pachter’s first published story, “E. Q. Griffen Earns His Name.” Now, E. Q. Griffen is back in “50.”

In addition to “Duty, Honor, Hammett” located in the “Department of First Stories” section of this issue, Stacy Woodson also has a guest post titled “Military Veterans in Crime Fiction” at the EQMM blog, Something Is Going To Happen.

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