Sunday, September 23, 2018

SMFS Members Published in Shhhh...Murder!

A number of SMFS list members are published in the just released anthology, Shhhh…Murder! Published by Darkhouse Books, the anthology is available in print and eBook from Amazon and features “Cozy Crimes in Libraries.” The SMFS list members that have reported their publication in the book are:

Michael Bracken with “Mr. Sugarman Visits the Bookmobile.”

David Goudsward writing as DG Critchley with “The Body in the Book Drop.”

Deborah Lacy with “Wuthering Stacks.” (Cowriter Pat Hernas). 

Linda Leszczuk writing as LD Masterson with “Drop Goes The Weasel.”

Josh Pachter with “DDS 10752 LIBRA.” (Cowriter John Lutz).

KM Rockwood with “Map To Oblivion.”

Jacqueline Seewald with “Ask a Librarian.”

Nupur Tustin with “The Christmas Stalker.”

Amazon Synopsis:

Cozy crimes in libraries!
Featuring stories by (in order of appearance):
Deborah Lacy & Pat Hernas, Michael Bracken, Warren Bull, Sharon Marchisello, Jacqueline Seewald, Anne-Marie Sutton, Aislinn Batstone, John Lutz & Josh Pachter, Jennie MacDonald, Gwenda R. Jensen, LD Masterson, Kate Fellowes, KM Rockwood, DG Crichley, Richard Lau, Janet Raye Stevens, Michael Brandon, Edward Ahern, Amy Ballard, Barbara Schlichting, M. M. Elmendorf, Nupur Tustin, Albert Tucher, Michael Guillebeau

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