Saturday, February 17, 2018

SMFS Member Publication News: O’Neil De Noux

SMFS Member O’Neil De Noux’s latest book, Lucifer's Falcon: A Secret Agent Superhero Novel (Lucifer Series) (Volume 2) is available at Amazon in print format. 

From the synopsis at Amazon...

It is 1936, and newlyweds Luce and Catrin have a secret. They are on a mission to rescue two men from two European castles. From the coast of Spain to the French Riviera to a high castle in snowy Bavaria, these American secret agents tangle with Spanish fascists, Nazi thugs, and monstrous men with super human powers. Catrin and Luce have their own surprising superpowers. Did they just stumble on a stone with incredible power? Can they pull off these rescues and make it out alive to continue their honeymoon? With the unexpected aid of a rapacious falcon, they just may get out alive. Lucifer LeRoux and Catrin Allaway are Advanced Humans (AH), humans who whose ancestors evolved differently from regular people. Luce's increased powers of sight, hearing, smell and touch is matched by his great physical strength, speed and ability to heal. His sense of balance is so acute, he is more acrobatic than any simian. He can see telegraphically and microscopically and in darkness, can memorize heartbeats, hear the softest sounds. He can leap great distances and race at breakneck speeds. Catrin's ability to mask herself and objects around her allow them to move invisibly. She is also able to change her hair color and length in a few moments, morphing from a rave-headed brunette with hair past her shoulder almost to her hips into an icy ash-blond with a page boy haircut. Paired together in Macao on their first mission, they couple quickly fall in love, marry and work as a invaluable team as they continue to evolve. Recruited by Catrin's brother - another AH who can read minds - the couple work as secret agent spies for the US in 1936. They battle Japanese agents and Nazi thugs and a host of AHs hell bent on destroying humanity.

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