Friday, January 5, 2018

2018 Derringer Submissions are Now Open

On January 3, 2018, Derringer Awards Coordinator Jay Hartman posted to Shortmystery a suggestion that those submitting for the Derringer Awards also consider a donation to cancer research as a way the SMFS can give back to our communities. In the same Shortmystery post, Jay set boundaries for onlist discussion of the current Derringer process.

At Jay's request, I, a regular member and blog admin, am excerpting Jay's points here as a reminder. Any questions about these points or the Derringer process should be addressed to Jay himself at

...There is never a fee for entering the Derringers. However, I think that this year the Derringer Awards should have a giving-back element to them due to several crises that members have experienced. I would ask that if you are submitting an entry for consideration you make a donation to the Cancer Research Institute in the name of Sandi Tipple or Bill Crider. CRI is considered one of the top three cancer charities, where roughly 85% of all donations go directly to programs. Making or not making a donation will in no way affect your chances of receiving an award and is not a requirement for submission. This is about doing good. However, if you do submit proof of a donation with your entry, Untreed Reads will send you a coupon code for a free ebook of your choice from as a thank-you for making the world a bit better and for honoring two people who mean/meant a lot to all of us. Total dollar amount raised will also be announced at the presentation of the Derringer Awards in September at Bouchercon.

...Long, protracted arguments and battles about the Derringers will not be engaged or entertained and there will be no tolerance of public mistreatment of individuals for differing opinions...I simply won’t allow either myself as Derringer Coordinator or authors to be attacked in any way. Personal and/or public attacks on others may result in disqualification. Keep it civil!

Looking forward to a great Derringer season with everyone!

Jay Hartman

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