Monday, November 13, 2017

SMFS Member Publication News: O’Neil De Noux

SMFS Member O’Neil De Noux’s latest book, The Great Beau, is available at Amazon in digital and print forms.  This is the fourth book in the John Raven Beau series.

From the synopsis on Amazon…

The mysterious death of an elderly man draws NOPD Chief Inspector John Raven Beau into a complex case involving priceless art, stolen Nazi loot, a dead deerhound, a haughty countess, a ruthless killer and featuring the irresistible NUDE IN RED woman. Bang. Bang. The shocks keep coming when a priceless cache is found hidden in an uptown attic – a legendary treasure which stuns archaeologists, forensic scientists, historians and the entire art world. Has NOPD located one of the great treasures of the ancient world? How does Beau become a Hero of the French Republic? One shock after another. A suspected heart attack surfaces a rare poison so it’s murder. Are those Frederic Remington original paintings on the wall? They are immediately stolen. What’s in the old box in the antique shop? Anyone heard of Titian? Master of the 16th Century Venetian School of artists, a Renaissance artist who painted the same time as Da Vinci and Michelangelo? Could this be his last painting, Aphrodite and the Painter, lost in 1576? How did it end up in New Orleans? Who is killing people to get this art? 

NOPD’s Critical Investigations Unit (CIU) was formed for this type of case and Chief Inspector John Raven Beau uses the skills he honed as a homicide detective to sift through the clues. He seems to be a step behind the murderer-thieves but he is the relentless pursuer, the half-Sioux, half-Cajun who carries an obsidian war knife and a 9mm Glock he’s already killed with. The world is amazed at with this case and John Raven Beau goes to Paris for a short vacation and a fateful rendezvous with the Legion of Honor. 

From SHAMUS and DERRINGER Award winner O’Neil De Noux comes the fourth novel in the critically acclaimed New Orleans Police series featuring half-Cajun, half-Sioux JOHN RAVEN BEAU. Assigned as Chief Inspector to command NOPD’s new CIU – Critical Investigations Unit – Beau brings his unique talents to investigate special cases.

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