Sunday, October 22, 2017

SMFS Member Publication News: Elizabeth Zelvin

Elizabeth Zelvin reports:

The November/December issue of Ellery Queen is out, with, I'm proud to say, my name on the cover along with Charlaine Harris's  and Doug Allyn's and my story, "Death Will Help You Imagine," inside, right after Bill Pronzini's. It's well worth the wait of almost 20 months from submission to print to be keeping such great company, especially since it was accepted way back in 2016 and I got paid for it shortly afterward. 


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Elizabeth Zelvin said...

Thanks for posting this, Kevin. Rereading what I wrote, I realize I should have said "august" company! For those interested in the story arc of series characters, "Death Will Help You Imagine" appears almost simultaneously with another Bruce story, "Death Will Finish Your Marathon" (September, in the anthology Where Crime Never Sleeps), but the events in "Marathon" take place at least six months to a year later.