Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Society Members' News: May 2017

The members below reported their publishing successes this month:

Michael Bracken, “Sibling Rivalry” in True Story (May 2017) as well as “My Second Mother” and “Fashion Disaster” in True Confessions (May 2017).

John Floyd, “Vanity Case” in Mysterical-E: Spring 2017  and “A Thousand Words: A Mystery Short Story” at Kings River Life Magazine (May 27, 2017). John is also once again in Woman’s World in the May 29th issue with his tale “Special Delivery.”

Gail Farrelly, “Don’t Forget To Take Your Vitamins” in two parts at the Yonker’s Tribune. Part One appeared on May 23rd with Part Two appearing on May 25th.

Joan Leotta’s poem, “Boats on Blue,” originally published the Dove Tales anthology, won first place in Wilda Morris' Poetry Challenge for May 2017.

J. R. Lindermuth, “A Bad Draw of the Cards” at Rope and Wire (May 2017).

Edith Maxwell, Mulch Ado About Murder, Kensington Books (May 2017).

Jude Roy, “The Tattooed Corpse” in Mystery Weekly Magazine (May 2017) and "Mrs. Thibodeaux" in Gravel Magazine: Summer 2017.

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