Friday, July 15, 2016

SMFS Member Publication News: July 2016

The members below reported their publishing successes for July 2016:

Sarah M. Chen, "Pig Boy" in Hardboiled: Dames and Sin by Dead Guns Press (July 5, 2016).

Trina Corey, "Flight" in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine (July).

Diana Deverell, "Dirty Bop to Blighty" in The Norwegian American (July 29, 2016).

Peter DiChellis, “Murder in Malibu” in Woman's World #27, (July 4, 2016). 

James Dorr, "The Re-Possessed" in Cemetery Riots by Elysium Press as well as the story “Gold”  in The Beauty Of Death by  Independent Legions Press. 

Gail Farrelly, "Double Trouble" in the Yonkers Tribune (July 30, 2016)

John M. Floyd, “Bunker Hill” in Woman’s World, (July 25,2016)  as well as the story “A Million Volts” in The Strand Magazine summer issue (June-Sept 2016).

Kaye George, "Murder with Crow" in Cooked To Death (Nodin Press, July 2016). Includes a “top secret zucchini bread recipe.” 

Jacqueline Seewald, "Everything Old" in Hypnos: Spring 2016 (Volume 5, Issue 1).

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Gail Farrelly said...

In case you'd like to read my mystery short story ("Double Trouble") mentioned above, published at the Yonkers Tribune on July 30, here's the link: