Tuesday, May 31, 2016

SMFS Facebook Group

We've created the SMFS Facebook Group for our members on Facebook. Please read this FAQ before you join or post on the new group:

  • The Facebook group membership is totally separate from Shortmystery. You must join in order to post, and you must have a Facebook profile to join. To join the group, just go to the group and click the Join Group button. You don’t have to join, but it can be a fun way to connect with other short mystery enthusiasts. Feel free to view the newsfeed for a few days before joining.
  • When you join the group, anyone can see what you post to it, and they can see that you are a member. If you have privacy concerns, please read this topic and then feel free to ask me any questions you may still have. Please know that we discussed the three different privacy settings and decided that public was the best option in order to reach the greatest number of people.
  • The Facebook group is in essence promoting short mystery fiction in general and SMFS in particular. We’ll attract new SMFS members by keeping the conversations interesting, friendly, and supportive. Please keep that in mind when posting to the Facebook group. Discussions of SMFS business or relentless self-promotion tend to drive people away.
  • We suggest one post when you make a sale or acquisition and one post when your short story is published—and of course any news such as awards, praise, etc. Remember that in social media, people who only post about their own work are typically not as successful as those who share fun facts or images, comment on others’ work, and in general share instead of self-promote.
  • Feel free to like the group, link to it from other online locations, and invite people to join.

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