Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Society Celebrates 20 Years: Kate Grilley

In the first week of April 1996, the members of shortmystery-l-digest voted to become the Short Mystery Fiction Society, with goals of better representing mystery & crime short stories in the public eye.

In honor of the Society's establishment and our twenty years increasing publication and regard for the form, President Jan Christensen has invited members' reflections on joining the Society and why they've remained members and fans of the form.

From Kate Grilley:

[First SMFS president] Margo Power was my guardian angel, my friend and the first publisher of my mystery fiction. I will forever be grateful to her for publishing my short stories in Murderous Intent. Winning a Derringer award in 1998 was a honor I will always treasure.

Happy 20th birthday to SMFS!

Kate Grilley served as SMFS vice president and publicity chief 1996–'98. She is the author of three Kelly Ryan Caribbean-set mystery novels and, under the name Kate Borden, three Peggy Jean Turner New England-set mystery novels.

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