Friday, August 15, 2014

Members' Publication News

The following members sent in publication news this month:
  • BJ Bourg, Alive Into Hell: A Collection of Crime Stories (August 2014)
  • Bobbi A. Chukran, Dye, Dyeing, Dead (Limestone Ledge Publishing, July 2014)
    • "The Winged Crusader", Kings River Life (August 16, 2014)
    • Guest post on Killer Crafts and Crafty Killers (July 28, 2014)
    • Interviewed by Lois Winston on Killer Crafts and Crafty Killers (August 22, 2014)
    • Interviewed by Linda Hall (August 23, 2014)
  • Peter DiChellis, "The Second-Worst Day", Hellnotes’ Horror in a Hundred (July 25, 2014)
  • John M. Floyd, "Molly's Plan", The Strand Magazine (July-September 2014)
  • B.V. Lawson, Played to Death (Crimetime Press, July 2014)
  • William Burton McCormick, "Killing Sam Clemens", Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #13 (May/June 2014)
  • Terrie Farley Moran, Well Read, Then Dead (Berkley Prime Crime, August 5, 2014)
  • J.P. Seewald, "A Cold Place to Die", Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #13 (May/June 2014)
  • Julie Tollefson, "A Haven of Learning...and Death", Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, (October 2014)

To send news for next month's post, email Gerald So (G_SO at YAHOO dot COM).

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