Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2013 Derringer Finalist Certificates Available

As maker of the 2013 Derringer certificates, I will gladly e-mail them as printable files to any finalists who want them.

The certificates feature the signatures of President Tom Sweeney and myself. If you would like a certificate, e-mail G_SO at YAHOO dot COM. In addition to a file suitable for printing, you may request an file suitable for web display.

The Derringer winners will be entitled to additional, winners' certificates.

Finally, as you may know, former SMFS VP Jim Doherty has kindly constructed and presented winners' plaques in the past. I'd like to suggest an optional donation toward the making of the plaques if Jim is willing to divulge his expenses.

Gerald So, SMFS Vice President 2012-14

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Chris Muessig said...

Thanks, Gerald, for sending along the handsome Finalist's Certificate. Now I just have to find a suitable frame and the ideal wall. And thanks for the recognition, especially.
Chris Muessig