Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Upcoming SMFS Elections

Hello, all.

It was an honor to represent the SMFS personally sending the 2010 Derringer certificates to the winners. My public congratulations and thanks to all who were part of the process.

Presentations made, my two-year term as SMFS president is drawing to a close. As part of the transition to the new officers, I have outlined the duties of president, vice president, and Derringer Coordinator below, and call for nominations from the group.

May 15-30, nominations will be accepted for SMFS President and Vice President 2010-12 and for Derringer Coordinator 2011.

May 31-June 4, each nominee will be allowed to post a single message announcing him/herself to the group and supporting his/her candidacy.

June 5-15, SMFS members will vote to select the new officers.

June 16-30, Jim Doherty, Suzanne Rorhus, and I will coordinate with the Officers-Elect to ensure a smooth transition.

July 1, the new SMFS officers take office.

SMFS Officers' Duties

PRESIDENT (2-year term) - SMFS President moderates the group's discussion forum and membership roll at They must ensure the free flow of ideas while maintaining a cordial atmosphere and quelling any flame wars that threaten to erupt.

The president must confer with the vice president regularly, so that, should the president be unavailable, the vice president can continue day-to-day operations.

As the SMFS's main representative with the public, the president must also maintain the SMFS blog at, where the public goes for information about the SMFS.

The president organizes the selection committee deciding who should receive the Edward D. Hoch Memorial Golden Derringer for Lifetime Achievement.

As for the regular Derringer process, the president and the Derringer Awards Coordinator may confer about the spirit of the rules, but the president may neither collect Derringer submissions, nor judge the regular Derringer Awards, nor win a Derringer Award while in office.

VICE PRESIDENT (2-year term) - SMFS Vice President is co-moderator of the discussion forum and consultant on any group business. The vice president assumes all of the president's duties, including representing the SMFS in person, when the president is unavailable (sickness, vacation, etc.).

The vice president serves with the president on the Edward D. Hoch Golden Derringer selection committee, and is subject to the same restrictions as the president regarding the regular Derringer process.

DERRINGER AWARDS COORDINATOR (1-year term) - The Coordinator runs the annual Derringer Award process, including collecting Derringer submissions, coordinating the judging, and announcing the winners.

The coordinator has the authority to resolve issues that arise throughout the submission, judging, and voting periods, conferring with the president to clarify the spirit of Derringer procedure.

The coordinator moderates the Derringers Voting Group (, posting the Derringer finalist stories for the voters to read, and verifying members' voting eligibility as they join the group.

The coordinator serves with the president and vice president on the Edward D. Hoch Memorial Golden Derringer selection committee, and like them, may neither judge the regular Derringers nor win a Derringer Award while in office.

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