Monday, May 24, 2010

Candidacy Statement from Jim Doherty

I've been asked by several members off-line if I'm willing to run for either president or vice-president. ...[L]ike Gerald, I think it would be better for the organization if new blood were injected. If there are others willing to run for either position, I'd prefer to step back and let others take up the flag.

Also, as at least one other person has pointed out, as long as I'm an officer, I'm ineligible to compete for a Derringer myself.

If others are willing to take up the officer's positions, I am certainly more than willing (and I'm sure I speak for Gerald here, too) to make myself available to help and provide assistance to the incoming administration. Certainly I'm willing, if the new officers wish, to finish up any uncompleted tasks that are still hanging fire if and when the new officers assume their

For example, I'm in contact with folks at Bouchercon about making the Derringer presentations a part of the convention as it was in 2009. I'd be happy to follow through with that if it's still unresolved by the time my term of office ends.

I'm also more than willing to get the actual physical trophies made, as I did last year.

But as for actually serving, put me down as willing but not particularly enthusiastic.

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