Monday, March 1, 2010

Golden Derringer Panel Volunteer Needed

As ratified last year, the Golden Derringer Award for Lifetime Achievement is given after deliberations by a five-member panel including the SMFS president and vice president, Derringer Awards Coordinator, lifetime member, and one randomly-selected member-volunteer.

If any SMFS member would like to volunteer, please e-mail me at g_so AT yahoo DOT com with the subject line "Golden Derringer Volunteer". I will put the volunteers' names into a randomizer program, and announce the chosen member on April 1.

While the group voting on the regular Derringers is going on (April 1-30), the Golden Derringer panel will be considering recipient candidates.

SMFS members may submit 200-word max essays nominating Golden Derringer candidates. E-mail them to g_so AT yahoo DOT com in the body of a message with the subject line "Golden Derringer Essay".

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