Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2010 Derringer Submissions - Final Tally

From Awards Coordinator Suzanne Rorhus:

The submission period for the Derringers has officially ended. Please see below for a list of stories in each category.

Flash (Up to 1,000 Words):

A Matter of Opinion
An Old-Fashioned Vacation
And Here's To You, Mrs. Edwardson
Bottled Up
Confessions of a Telemarketer
Night Fall
Organization Girl
The Enumerator
The Right Track

Short (1,001-4,000 Words):

A Bad Day at the Office
A Christmas Tail
All Set
An Inconvenient Killing
Avenging Angel
Baby, It's Cold Outside
Bad to the Corps
Biography of Stoop the Thief
Brew's Clues
Brotherly Love
Bye Bye Baby
Caught on Christmas Eve
Dream Catcher
Due Consideration
Dying For Chocolate
Eddie's Dungeon
Excuse Me, But There's a Kidney
Family Man
Grounds for Divorce
Gun Love
Identity Theft
Jibber Jabber
Keeping It Clean
Lights Out
Maker's and Coke
New Year's Eve Surprise
Nice Climate, Miami
One Good Turn
Pinked Off
Preferred Customer
Quick on the Draw
Raising the Dead
Reader of Dreams
Running to Zero
Shanks on Misdirection
Some Call It Revenge
Spare Change
Stephen Colbert's Ameri. Night.
Suitcase and Slow Time
Survival Instincts
Swim in the Sunshine
Taking Care of Our Own
The Big Switch
The Bite
The Good Woman
The Hard Sell
The Kindle Did It
The Lap of Luxury
The Night Before Christmas
The Right to Remain Silent
The Scene of My Second Murder
The Seven Dollar Clue
The Tortoise and the Tortoise
The Worst Noel
Trouble with Wind
Twas the Night
Unanswered Prayers
Undying Love
Unexpected Endings
Where there's Smoke
You Can Be Too Thin

Long (4,001-8.000 Words):

A Fellow of Infinite Jest
A Hollywood Ending
A Stab in the Heart
Bad Trip
Between Sins
Between Us Girls
Bismarck Rules
Bob's Superette
Boudin Noir
Don't Call Me Simon
Famous Last Words
Fictional History
Finish the Job
FM is for Murder
For the Love of the Grape
Handbaskets, Drawers, and Killer Cold
Like Father, Like Son
London Calling
Los Simpaticos
Lucky is Another Country
Message in the Sand
On the House
Preminger's Gold
Regarding Certain Occurrences in a Cottage at the Garden of Allah
Shut Up and Kill Me
Snow on Bloedkoppie
That Kind of Guy
The Case of the Piss-Poor Gold
The Center of the Universe
The Devil's Dumping Ground
The Gas Leak
The Greenhouse Effect
The Last Resort
The Shanty Drummer
The Shipbreaker
The Sleepy Pines Nursing Home
The Taskmaster
There's a Dead Elf in Santa's Workshop
Time Will Tell
Timing is Everything
Trust to Dust
What Price Retribution?
White Wolves
Yule Night

Novelette (8,001-17,500 Words):

A Model for Murder
A Murder of Crows
A Voice From The Past
Adjuncts Anonymous
How the Story Goes
Julius Katz
Killing Mum
Price Tag Attached
The Candy-Factory Girls
The Last Drop
The Pirate's Debt
Uncle Brick and Jimmy Kills

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