Friday, July 4, 2008

Under Review: Should list archives be made private?

The Shortmystery message archive is currently readable by non-member visitors to the Yahoo! Groups site. Should we make the archive private so only members can read the messages by signing in?

A group vote on this is forthcoming.


Marian Allen said...

If this happens, would people be able to join, read, and unsubscribe? Would the archives be open to Google searches? Would the messages still be in Google archives? If the answer to all these questions is (are?) "yes", it will have limited effect. In the face of so little respect for others' privacy and integrity and so much delight taken in pulling comments out of context, though, I'm afraid it sounds like a good idea.

Gerald So said...

From what I've been able to tell, messages from private Yahoo! Groups are not listed on Google. It would still be possible to subscribe, read, and then unsubcribe.

The only way to restrict our messages to members only is to not archive our messages (which is an option). In that case, the messages would still be delivered to members by e-mail, and it would still be possible to subscribe, receive our messages by e-mail, and then unsub.