Saturday, July 19, 2008

Problems Accessing Yahoo! Groups?

If you receive group e-mail but are unable to visit our Yahoo! Groups site or vote in the polls -

Here are two Yahoo! help links:

Q: I'm receiving email from a group, but when I try to visit the group's webpages, it says that I "need to enable web access".

Q: I get Group email, but I’m not in the Member list and I don’t see the Group when I sign into -- what’s up?

If you are in the Member list and can access the Yahoo! Groups site, but have not received messages as expected -

Your account may be "bouncing".

If you are in the Member list and have web access but have not received group email for some time and cannot access the Yahoo! Groups site specifically -

Yahoo! Groups delivery may be delayed or the site may be down. Visit the Official Yahoo! Groups Blog for the most current information.

If you'd like to change the email address where you receive Shortmystery messages -

First, check your Shortmystery membership page. Click on the pencil icon next to "Identity". If your desired email address is listed, click on its option button. Then click on the purple "Save" bar to register the change.

If your desired email address is not listed -

1. Move your mouse pointer over your name in the top right corner of the page. A menu should appear. Click on "Account Info".

2. From your main account page, click on the "Account Security" tab in the left sidebar.

3. Click on "Email Addresses". A pop-up window should appear. Click on "Add recovery email address."

4. Enter your desired email address and click on the blue bar to send yourself a verification email.

5. Once you've verified the new address, you should be able to select it from your Shortmystery membership page under "Identity".

You can also use the Edit Groups page to set any of your other Yahoo! Groups to deliver to the new address.

If you're having an issue not covered above -

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