Monday, May 18, 2015

May Member Publication News

The following members sent in publication news this month:

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Friday, May 8, 2015

The SMFS at Bouchercon 2015 (Raleigh, NC, Oct. 8-11)

Art Taylor
During Bouchercon 2015 opening ceremonies (Thursday, October 8, 7:00–9:00 P.M.), Art Taylor will present the 2015 Derringer Award winners with medals featuring the Short Mystery Fiction Society's logo, made possible by the Award Plans subgroup.

Art is an Award Plans member, editor of the Bouchercon 2015 short fiction anthology (Murder Under the Oaks), and a three-time previous Derringer winner.

Scheduled to attend the presentation: Best Flash Story winner Joseph D'Agnese, Best Long Story winner Hilary Davidson. Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine editor Janet Hutchings will accept on behalf of Best Novelette winner Doug Allyn and Edward D. Hoch Memorial Golden Derringer recipient James Powell.

As usual, feel free to share photos or video of the presentation with SMFS blog admin Gerald So (G_SO at YAHOO dot COM) for posting here.

Winners unable to attend Bouchercon will receive their medals by mail.

The Short Mystery Fiction Society has awarded the Derringers annually since 1998 to outstanding published stories and people who've greatly advanced or supported the genre.

Our Bouchercon presentations date back to 2009. If you are involved in planning a Bouchercon, particularly 2016 in New Orleans, feel free to contact our officers and help ensure the Derringer presentation is included.

Elsewhere at Bouchercon 2015, as announced May 5, the Anthony Award nominees include SMFS members Craig Faustus Buck, Kate Flora, Barb Goffman, Paul D. Marks, Karen Pullen, Lori Rader-Day, Hank Phillippi Ryan, and Art Taylor.

Anthony nominees have received the most mentions in a poll of full-time Bouchercon registrants and those who registered for last year's event. Bouchercon 2015 attendees vote on the nominees throughout the con, and the winners are announced on the last day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

2015 Agatha Awards laud SMFS members

The Agatha Awards, presented at the Malice Domestic conference in Bethesda, Maryland, honor "traditional mysteries", containing no explicit sex, excessive gore, or gratuitous violence.

Via Mystery Scene Magazine, this year's results feature several SMFS members, including Best Short Story winner Art Taylor, Best First Novel winner Terrie Farley Moran, and Best Novel and Best Nonfiction winner Hank Phillippi Ryan.

Congratulations to all.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Subgroup to maintain Bouchercon Derringer presentations

Since their inception in 1998, the SMFS's annual Derringer Awards have been certified by personal email following the public announcement. Between 2009 and 2012, former VP Jim Doherty paid for materials and constructed gift plaques that he presented to Derringer winners at Bouchercon, the World Mystery Convention, raising the SMFS's profile and short fiction's profile at the con.

At Bouchercon 2009 (Indianapolis, IN), L to R: Hoch Memorial Golden Derringer recipient Clark Howard, Best Flash Derringer winner Ruth McCarty, AHMM's Linda Landrigan, EQMM's Janet Hutchings, SMFS VP Jim Doherty (Photo courtesy of Ruth McCarty)

On January 19, 2015, the SMFS established the Award Plans subgroup to maintain our Bouchercon presence and create a gift in the tradition of Jim's plaques without mandatory cost to main group members.

For the new gift, the subgroup is considering medals featuring the SMFS logo. While Jim's plaques were his personal gift, the subgroup is taking a team approach to its gift with an eye toward greater sustainability. Winners unable to attend Bouchercon will receive their medals by mail.

In accordance with main group structure, the medals will be ordered by our public representatives, the Officers. The funds for the purchase will be fully reimbursed by voluntary donations that can be publicly acknowledged or remain anonymous.

President Jan Christensen ordered samples of a Golden Derringer medal and a regular Derringer medal from Hodges Badge Company (Portsmouth, RI) on February 18, and they arrived March 11. Jan photographed the samples for the subgroup and mailed them to member Melodie Campbell, simulating sending medals to Derringer winners unable to attend Bouchercon.

Approving the Hodges medals as the final gifts, the subgroup aimed to order enough for the 2015 Derringer winners as well as any who did not receive plaques 2009–14.

In all, subgroup and main group members have donated $400, reimbursing Jan $32.15 for the two samples, $9.55 shipping the samples to Melodie, and $119.50 for the twenty-eight 2009–15 medals. Some of the remaining $238.80 will reimburse the cost of Jan's shipping the medals to Bouchercon 2015 presenter Art Taylor and winners unable to attend. The rest will go toward the 2016 medal order.

Like Jim's plaques, the new gifts do not constitute Derringer Awards themselves. Reception of a Derringer itself remains certified by personal email following the March 31 public announcement.

Winners and finalists 1998–present can also request official personalized Web graphics based on the approved medals.

Photo: M. Campbell
You are welcome to join the subgroup as discussion continues. If you are involved in planning a Bouchercon, you can help ensure our presentation is included.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Official Derringer Winner and and Finalist Web Graphics

For current and past Derringer winners and finalists who'd like to display these accomplishments on their websites, the Award Plans subgroup has approved 250-square pixel web banners, pictured at right. Click to see full size.

Winners and finalists, email Gerald So (G_SO at YAHOO dot COM) to receive your personalized banners and for assistance placing them on your sites.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Do Some Damage: Hilary Davidson Always Tells

Capping an interview with Hilary Davidson, Steve Weddle asked:

You recently won a Derringer Award for your short fiction. What’s it like to be a winner? (asking for a friend)

[Hilary Davidson]: Winning the Derringer meant so much — in no small part because writing short fiction is my true love. Novels break my brain and cause me no end of angst. They're satisfying when they're done, but until that moment, late in the game, they're actually kind of hellish. Stories are different. Writing short stories is more like a game of "What if?" I have the opening scenario in mind when I start writing, and then I follow it wherever it goes. The genesis for "A Hopeless Case," the story that won the Derringer, is awful: when I was in high school in Toronto, I walked down to a subway platform just as a woman jumped in front of an incoming train. But writing about a person in that scenario makes me process it differently. Instead of being horrified by what happened, I'm creeping under the person's skin, trying to understand them. Even when the subject matter is dark, it humanizes it.

Congratulations again, Hilary.

Also check out Steve's debut novel-in-stories, Country Hardball.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Members' Publication News

The following members sent in publication news this month:
  • John M. Floyd, “Leaky Alibis", Woman's World (March 30, 2015)
    • "Driver", The Strand Magazine, (February-May 2015)
  • Alan Orloff, "Down the Rickety Stairs", Shotgun Honey Presents: Locked and Loaded (Both Barrels, Volume 3) (One Eye Press, April 2015)
  • B.K. Stevens, Interpretation of Murder (Black Opal Books, April 2015)
    • "Silent Witness" (Amazon Kindle, April 2015)

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